“I’m Bond. James Bond”.

Well, Mr Bond. Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Evil. Ken Evil.

[speeds cycle up ramp]

[jumps 8 cars & a bus]


[visiting hours at prison]

BEAR WIFE: How are you coping?

BEAR: I miss the woods.

BW: The tranquility?

BEAR: No, I really need a shit.


DAVID BOWIE: We can be heroes!

ME: Great!

DAVID BOWIE: Just for one day.

ME: Oh. OK.

*bins blueprint for Batcave*


My worst case scenarios:

•A case falling on me.
•Being hit with a case.
•Being locked inside a case.
•Carrying a case for a long distance.



MAN: The Rock.


MAN: [quietly] Theodore Rockinghorse.


“There’s someone out there for everyone”.

A really vague Receptionist.


Who called it Star Trek III – The Search For Spock and not Finding Nemoy?


I was on a search party in the forest last night.

Bit of a boring party.

We found a dead guy though.


I like to imagine the person who originated Head & Shoulders shampoo had really, really hairy shoulders.


It still really upsets me that my dog stopped talking to me around the same time I gave up taking hallucinogenic drugs.