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Page of FSUSteve's best tweets

@FSUSteve : Just because a guy wants to see you naked it doesn't mean anything, I know a guy who drove 2 days to see a donkey show.

@FSUSteve: Ever been in the middle of writing a great tweet and think, did I just run someone over?

@FSUSteve: Ok Brazil, this would be a time when it's ok to bite an opponent.

@FSUSteve: I'm ok with women faking it in bed. I faked everything to get her there.

@FSUSteve: I don't think The Proclaimers realized how far 500 miles really is.

@FSUSteve: My mom just replied to my text with "K." Whooooaaa busy lady, is there some emergency over on FarmVille?

@FSUSteve: Almost 10,000 tweets, guess who's not Employee of the Month.

@FSUSteve: My iPhone just autocorrected the word nigga to NIGGA, like whoa iPhone.

You can't just go around yelling the N word. Jesus.

@FSUSteve: Michelle Obama should have dropped the mic and moonwalked out.