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Page of GabbbarSingh's best tweets

@GabbbarSingh : Until you can't kill a spider with an e-book, Print media will live.

@GabbbarSingh: Parliament should learn from Twitter, thousands of people shout here doing nothing productive, yet it never gets adjourned.

@GabbbarSingh: Death metal fans are complaining abt all the noise. Irony.

@GabbbarSingh: If only Lord Ram used Apple maps to reach Ayodhya, Beijing would have been celebrating Diwali today.

@GabbbarSingh: People with Swiss bank accounts are often confused between their Bank balance and the Back Account number.

@GabbbarSingh: The initials of the Sri Lankan players read like DOS commands. MKDIR, CHKDSK.

@GabbbarSingh: All good students of Astrology drop out midway after they learn enough to find out. :)

@GabbbarSingh: The only entities which will survive a nuclear holocaust will be the c**kroaches and a book packed by Flipkart.

@GabbbarSingh: Blackberry users thought of making a joke abt the Apple-Samsung battle, but before they cud tweet thr phone hanged n battery drained out