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@GeauxSaints79 : 911:

I'd like to report a Twief!

911: What?

A Twurglar!

911: I don't follow

You can't catch em like that. Hurry they're getting stars!

@GeauxSaints79: In hindsight, using the word "harder" as the safe word, was not the best idea.

@GeauxSaints79: I wonder if any Disney managers ever start a meeting off with "What kind of Mickey Mouse operation are we running around here?"

@GeauxSaints79: M: Are you gonna eat that baby?

Lady: What!!?! Go away you Sick-O'

M: Sorry! I saw you putting it on Instagram & figured.. Never mind.

@GeauxSaints79: Do cops tell bad guys to freeze in Alaska? Or is it just understood?

@GeauxSaints79: Coworker: What's so funny

M: Twitter

Cw: Oh! I'm on there, what's your @

M: I meant twizzlers..

Cw: You're looking at your phone.