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Page of GingerHotDish's best tweets

@GingerHotDish : Them: Are you a frontend or backend developer?

Me: *winking* I’m pretty developed in both places.

Anyways, that’s how I ended up in HR.

@GingerHotDish: If it weren't for the gutter my mind would be homeless.

@GingerHotDish: You're trying to get me drunk aren't you?

Me to myself

@GingerHotDish: *Eating my third bowl of ice cream*

I really thought this Keto diet would be harder.

@GingerHotDish: My friend is mad because I called her baby the cutest little freak show. The CUTEST tho... it’s like she missed that part.

@GingerHotDish: I’m sorry, but I’m never gonna apologize for who I am.

*except just then*

@GingerHotDish: Me: Alexa, make me a drink.

Her: Mom, that’s not my name and I think you’ve had enough.

@GingerHotDish: Don’t worry if she spells out “I’m fine!” in lighter fluid on your front lawn, but if she lights it... she is definitely lying.

@GingerHotDish: [At the gym]

My body: WTF

Me: I know

Body: I thought we were done with this bullshit?

Me: No, this is how it is from now on.

Body: *charley horse*

Me: Well played, bitch... well played

@GingerHotDish: I told him I’d send him nudes everyday he was sick, but we are on day 17 now... how long does the flu normally last?