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@GreenishDuck : Crabs always look like they're walking themselves out of an awkward situation.

@GreenishDuck: My sisters made me watch their kids last night. At one point all six of them were crying, but I just kept rap battling them one by one.

@GreenishDuck: Was gonna climb over some guy's arm but then I noticed he had a barbed wire tattoo on it.

@GreenishDuck: Before Google, people had to go out in the alley and yell "WHAT'S THE NAME OF THE MONKEY FROM ALADDIN?" until they got some answers.

@GreenishDuck: Don't let the door hit you on the way out!
*guy looks back and laughs, the door punches him in the back of the head*

@GreenishDuck: I threw a parking cone at someone. I am the drunkest person in the United states.

@GreenishDuck: You're on your deathbed. You gather the strength to utter your last words "Boxers with pockets," you say. "You'll never have to wear pants."

@GreenishDuck: You can lead a horse to water and if he walks on it congratulations you found horse jesus.

@GreenishDuck: One day a guy named Matt banged a waitress and nine months later a mattress was born haha just messin around on this website.

@GreenishDuck: You know that one cow in the field that's like 200 yards away from all his cow friends just doing his own thing? That's me. I am that cow.