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Page of JasonLastname's best tweets

@JasonLastname : What idiot called it proposing and not kneel diamond

@JasonLastname: I bet kids who live in volcanoes pretend the floor is carpet

@JasonLastname: On your first day in prison, walk right up to the nicest guy in there and break his heart.

@JasonLastname: Target can refuse you a job, but they can't stop you from asking the guests in dressing rooms if everything's fitting ok

@JasonLastname: It's sad your dad left but it could be way worse. What if, instead, you kept getting dads? Every day, until your house was packed with dads.

@JasonLastname: [sitting at bar next to cute woman]
You remind me of my late wife.
"Oh I'm so sorry."
Don't be, *looks across restaurant* there she is now.

@JasonLastname: If Edgar Allen Poe didn't have a cat named Poepurry, then I question him as a writer.

@JasonLastname: First thing on my bucket list is to jump off a cliff and the rest are just tricks I'll do in the air.

@JasonLastname: I hate when you forget to wear a belt and have to shoot heroin using the blood pressure machine at walgreens.