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Page of JimmerThatisAll's best tweets

@JimmerThatisAll : When I was a child I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child but when I became a man I put away none of those things

@JimmerThatisAll: This day in history. 1965. The Who's equipment van was stolen while they were inside the Battersea Dogs Home choosing a dog to guard their van.

@JimmerThatisAll: Squirrels don’t hibernate in the winter they just get angry.

@JimmerThatisAll: I don't delete my bad tweets because why should I suffer alone.

@JimmerThatisAll: [Entering a dark forest]

“Listen. That’s the banshee wailing. One of us may not make it home alive.”



“Banshees keen.”

“You go first.”


@JimmerThatisAll: I'm looking at two autographs of Mickey Mouse and I'm pretty sure one of them is a forgery.

@JimmerThatisAll: Turn ons include knobs, faucets, buttons, handles, cranks, and ignitions.

@JimmerThatisAll: I would have retweeted that but the sun was in my eyes and I got a lot of personal problems and I'm jealous.

@JimmerThatisAll: “There’s a clown hanging over you.”

“You mean cloud.”

“I wish I did.”


@JimmerThatisAll: I’m sorry I used your Diva Cups to quarantine my sea monkeys.