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Page of Jonesy_donkey's best tweets

@Jonesy_donkey : 3 days ago my best friend texted me that his dog is sick and he paid a ton of money for surgery and the dog might survive.

I replied “I hope it does”, but autocorrect changed it to “I hope it dies” and I just noticed now.

@Jonesy_donkey: My 2-yr-old has a toy phone that she pretends to talk on.

She looked right at me and said “hewwo?” into the toy phone.

I grabbed my phone and said, “hello, Isla! This is Daddy!”

She then said, “Isla not home” and hung up on me.

@Jonesy_donkey: Not sure if my toddler goes to daycare or a disease-of-the-month club

@Jonesy_donkey: As I was tucking in my 8-yr-old, she asked me if it’s possible to “accidentally eat a squirrel”, and now I don’t think I’m getting any sleep tonight

@Jonesy_donkey: I’m so fancy, I pronounce the “H” in “WHISKEY”

*every single one of you just said that word out loud when you read this