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Page of KMoFlo_official's best tweets

@KMoFlo_official : Me: I love it when you call me señorita *kisses neck* I wish I could pretend I didn’t need ya.

Liquor Store Clerk: Please get your mouth off of the wine bottle until you’ve paid for it.

@KMoFlo_official: In my defense, I’m not sure why you kept the bags of quicksand next to the bags of regular sand.

@KMoFlo_official: 6y/o: Mommy, do you know what a Ouija board is?

Me: Yes.

6y/o: Let’s get one so we can talk to you later.

@KMoFlo_official: Me: “You do NOT need any chips. Please leave them alone.”

6y/o, running off with bag of chips: “Yay, it says it’s Party Size!”

*trips, dumps half of the chips on the floor*

8y/o: “I think it’s more of a Family Size bag now?”

@KMoFlo_official: Me, after seeing photos of myself: Maybe I DO need to exercise and eat healthy.

Also me: *double-fisting two glasses of chocolate milk at midnight*

@KMoFlo_official: I think I accidentally became a nun:

✅ not banging
✅ may have inadvertently taken a vow of poverty
✅ loves long dresses
✅ has a lot of habits

@KMoFlo_official: [tornado warning]

*locks children and dog safely in basement*

*perches in a tree with binoculars*

@KMoFlo_official: 6y/o: “Mom, can I brush your hair?”

Me: “Well, you don’t really brush curly hair, but...that’s fine.”

6y/o, after spending 40 minutes brushing my hair: *puts the hood of my sweatshirt over my hair* “That’s better. Just keep that on.”

@KMoFlo_official: 8y/o: Do prisons have libraries?

Me: Yeah, usually.

8y/o: Yay! So I can still read when I’m in prison.