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Page of KattsDogma's best tweets

@KattsDogma : Just like my overly critical mother, every time I see children I want to belittle again.

@KattsDogma: If I owned a roofing business, I’d call it What in Tar Nation or We’ve Got Shingles or We’re Not Eavesdropping or We Are the Leaders or We Gotchu Covered or

@KattsDogma: When a Chinese takeout forgets your dumplings, you can sue them for wonton negligence. Hey-ooo!

@KattsDogma: Thinking of opening a new deli in India but I have no idea what to call it.

@KattsDogma: *leper colony removes 'A Farewell to Arms' from it's 'suggested reading list'

@KattsDogma: The Sumerians may have invented writing, but the T-Rex invented shorthand.

@KattsDogma: I have to lose 20 lbs in 3 days. Piece of cake, I tell the waitress. Chocolate. Thanks.

@KattsDogma: It's called support maybe you've heard of I.T.