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Page of Kirangandhi's best tweets

@Kirangandhi : HORROR STORY- U are the only one alive in a post apocalyptic world. U tweet and it gets retweeted!

@Kirangandhi: Was feeling particularly adventorous decided to jump off a moving hav to buy my nephew a new train set

@Kirangandhi: 911 - wats ur emergency?
- i got stuck in some magnets
911 - who are u?
- Iron man

@Kirangandhi: I am learning from my mistake now. My son taught me maths today

@Kirangandhi: I was so depressed dat my ATM displayed someone else's balance to cheer me up

@Kirangandhi: The second world war should have been called world war returns

@Kirangandhi: My english teacher was a fan of CAPITAL punishment. She despised small letters