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Page of KyleMcDowell86's best tweets

@KyleMcDowell86 : ME: (first day as a detective) It looks like he accidentally shot himself in the head while trying to eat his own gun. What a shame.
MY PARTNER: Have u considered suicide?
ME: Jesus Christ man, I just get sad sometimes. I dont want to die.

@KyleMcDowell86: 5 yo me: Throw my ducky in the bath
15 yo me: Throw on some tunes while im in the bath
30 yo me: Throw the toaster in while im in the bath

@KyleMcDowell86: Funeral Request:
Spread my ashes on a windy day so I get in everybody's eyes and mouth lol I don't even like you guys

"okay" *click*
"oh no"
[mom from other room] WTF KYLE

@KyleMcDowell86: [Me to the second baseman after I slide into 2nd] Make sure u separate plastics & food waste
[Coach from dugout] NOT THAT KIND OF TRASH TALK

@KyleMcDowell86: Me: my shoulder is sore
DR: I told u stop throwing rocks at the Sun
[walking out of office] (looks at Sun) I guess ur safe *squints* for now

@KyleMcDowell86: ME: Cant sleep. Theres too much going on in the world
MY WIFE: Whats bothering u?
ME: If Garfield didnt have a job, why did he hate Mondays?

@KyleMcDowell86: [Old lady] Please dont pet my dog. She's a service dog
[Me] Omg I'm so sorry (stands up straight & salutes dog) Thank you for your service

@KyleMcDowell86: I always keep a shotgun under my bed in case a horse sneaks in and breaks his leg

@KyleMcDowell86: [yelling at a maple tree] Release your pancake sauce to me you piece of shit