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Page of Lisabug74's best tweets

@Lisabug74 : 10 signs that he's just not that into you

10. He is a cat.

@Lisabug74: Check out the free section of Craiglist and treat yourself to a little something special.

@Lisabug74: *yells from the back of an ambulance*

"Can you drop me off at the corner, I can’t afford this!"

@Lisabug74: I had the best time at the carnival last night until a local told me that burned down thirty years ago.

@Lisabug74: You ever eat fish and chips at the aquarium and get the feeling you're being watched?

@Lisabug74: Creamy peanut butter is the best because it's the only thing holding this car together.

@Lisabug74: Me: No!

Cake: You weren't so shy the other night.

@Lisabug74: *draws chalk outline around my VISA card*

@Lisabug74: [at roller rink]

My fanny pack is filled with marbles in case I need to create a diversion.

@Lisabug74: Roman: Any last words?

Jesus: I’ll be back.