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Page of LoriLuvsShoes's best tweets

@LoriLuvsShoes : My biggest regret of 2014?

Probably when my husband watched "The Notebook" with me and then I yelled at him for not building me a house

@LoriLuvsShoes: My new juice cleanse is called Vodka with a side of Tonic

@LoriLuvsShoes: My 16:

"How come when my friends come over you're suddenly the nicest mom in the world?"

@LoriLuvsShoes: How many times can you celebrate a 29th birthday before people catch on?

-asking for a friend

@LoriLuvsShoes: My 21yr old son: "Mom sometimes I think you only had me for the free, lifetime tech support"

*slow wink*

@LoriLuvsShoes: I wonder what Twitter employees do at work to waste time

@LoriLuvsShoes: It's really cute how my 16 slams her bedroom door, in the house that I pay for, every time she gets pissed off. So...I took away the door

@LoriLuvsShoes: A man in the car beside me had his arm out the window and I was admiring his sleeve tattoo until I realized it was only excessive arm hair

@LoriLuvsShoes: A CW told me for the 50th time that her baby learned how to walk so I told her"if you really wanna impress me lmk when it learns how to fly"

@LoriLuvsShoes: My husband says I talk in my sleep but I don't believe him because nobody at work has ever mentioned it.