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@MaryKoCo: No, my kid didn't do the drawings I have up around my desk. I did them. It's my desk.

@MaryKoCo: I'm not "rich." Actually, it depends on how you define wealth. If you're talking about money, relationships, or happiness, then no still

@MaryKoCo: If ur late to an appt, just tell them u had another one, but were on time to that one. That way they associate you with punctuality

@MaryKoCo: Fun: text friend Are you alone right now? They go Yes. Then u text back LOL

@MaryKoCo: *Likes your fan page* *Hides activity from timeline*

@MaryKoCo: Pregnancy test that says, "Your cart has 1 item in it"

@MaryKoCo: Comment on every picture of someone's dog, "What is this"

@MaryKoCo: This outfit is called Running Into Someone I Know Would Be The Ultimate Worst Thing That Could Happen

@MaryKoCo: If you put dry teabags in shoes they absorb the odor. So your shoes smell good but the tea tastes so bad it's almost not worth it