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Page of MrsGoose69's best tweets

@MrsGoose69 : My husband got his hand stuck in the dishwasher.
So of course I had to fire her.

@MrsGoose69: Me: Please can you get my iPad in the lounge?
5yr: I think you should poo without it. I just play with my fingers and sing and stuff...

@MrsGoose69: Don't give a women flower, she may have hay fever.
Don't give her chocolate, she may be on a diet!
Give her wifi so there's no excuse.

@MrsGoose69: I got a pet hyena because someone has to laugh at my tweets...

@MrsGoose69: Me: Where the hell are you going with those balloons?
4yr: I need to wee!
Me: With balloons?!
4yr: Its so much fun to wee with balloons

@MrsGoose69: Before a long trip I drink allot of alcohol the night before. Dehydration will work for me for once.

@MrsGoose69: Dear Alcohol, we had a deal. u were suppose 2 make me funnier, smarter & put me in a good mood.... I saw the photos - we need to talk.

@MrsGoose69: Hubby: "Why don't you ever tell me when you have an orgasm?"
Wife: "I don't want to bother you while you are at work."