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Page of Muath_tu's best tweets

@Muath_tu : Lil Wayne is like if a doctor's handwriting came to life.

@Muath_tu: My plans must be so fat they never work out.

@Muath_tu: Kiwis are just lemons that forgot to shave.

@Muath_tu: Apparently you can't get a sick leave just because you're sick of seeing everyone at the office.

@Muath_tu: I hate when I'm running away from monsters at the temple then crash into a tree and die because I wanted to collect all the gold.

@Muath_tu: I named my house "shape", now I'm always in shape.

@Muath_tu: My neighbor doesn't like it when I put garbage in his backyard so I stopped burying people there.

@Muath_tu: I believe in "you're stupid" at first sight.

@Muath_tu: I knock some sense into people with a hammer.

@Muath_tu: If I set a cheese trap, I'd probably fall for it before the mouse.