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Page of NintenDom's best tweets

@NintenDom : It's Facebook's 10th birthday today. Let's all click "Maybe" on the event invite and then not show up.

@NintenDom: Lame! I was tricked into watching PS, I Love You! It's definitely NOT about a guy that marries his PlayStation.

@NintenDom: We can't deny our basic human instincts, like automatically thinking we kind of already know how to play the harmonica whenever we hold one.

@NintenDom: Just so we're all clear: NASA is getting a direct feed from a robot on Mars, but I still can't make a cell phone call from my basement.

@NintenDom: I bet the first guy to pee on someone's jellyfish sting was NOT trying to help them.

@NintenDom: I named my WiFi after my last girlfriend because it's never fully connected with me. And also because I caught my neighbour using it.

@NintenDom: Of course Bruce Willis is going to keep playing the same movie roles. You know what they say about old habits.

@NintenDom: Sorry about all the Mario references. I didn't mean to one-up you. I'll pipe down.

@NintenDom: Rick Astley will let you borrow any movie from his Pixar collection except for one. He's never gonna give you Up.

@NintenDom: Every Red Hot Chili Peppers song has a part where it sounds like they're trying to guess words for a crossword puzzle.