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Page of NoTheOtherJohn's best tweets

@NoTheOtherJohn : ZZ TOP: SHE'S GOT LEGS
ME: *imagining a woman with legs* nice
ME: *imagining a woman walking* NICE

@NoTheOtherJohn: ME: *spills red wine on carpet* I am so sorry
MY GIRLFRIEND'S DAD: That's ok. So John, what do you do?
ME: *pulls carpet cleaning spray from my bag* Funny you should ask..

@NoTheOtherJohn: DATE: Tell me something most people dont know about you
ME: [leans across table and gets right next to her ear] I DONT KNOW HOW TO WHISPER

@NoTheOtherJohn: The first guy who heard a parrot talk was probably not ok for several days.

@NoTheOtherJohn: [gives date the "just one sec" sign as I answer my phone] Hello? Oh hi The Pope [I do the hand talking thing to suggest how chatty he is]

@NoTheOtherJohn: [Inside Trojan Horse]
OTHER GREEKS: *fearful/anxious silence*
ME: This is my first sleepover

@NoTheOtherJohn: PILOT: This isn't funny, Ed. Let me in
COPILOT: *over intercom* Hey everyone, who'd like to hear a passage from the captain's dream journal?

@NoTheOtherJohn: ATTORNEY: Ladies and gentlemen, how could my client have committed murder WHEN IT'S AGAINST THE LAW [whispering throughout courtroom]

@NoTheOtherJohn: ME: judging by this blood stain the murderer appears to have been a turkey
ACTUAL POLICE OFFICER: That's a hand print

@NoTheOtherJohn: *doesnt stand for national anthem as protest against people who don't stand for national anthem*