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Page of Prero22's best tweets

@Prero22 : "I'm so sorry", I go around whispering to people who've just woken up from a coma.

@Prero22: If you want to become a beatboxing champion, try zipping up a tight dress.

@Prero22: I feel guilty about being Asian because I didn't start playing the violin since I was born.

@Prero22: [Asking someone out] do you want to come to my exorcism next week?

@Prero22: Person: It's not rocket science.

Rocket science [wipes forehead and exhales] : Whew! Nearly got caught there.

@Prero22: I have a splitting headache today.
Voldemort must be back from the dead and attempting to kill me.

@Prero22: A cheetah stalking its prey would be jealous of the way I pounce on the Skip Ad button on YT once the 5 seconds are up.