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@RickAaron : After eating this cereal for 30 years I am still neither lucky nor charming.

@RickAaron: I'm currently 27 years into to my "get rich quick" scheme.

@RickAaron: My wife and I tried for a long time to have kids. Nearly 12 minutes one night.

@RickAaron: Area 51? I thought we were all gonna storm Forever 21.

@RickAaron: Shouldn't it be spelled "Ciclops" with one i?

@RickAaron: Hasbro is the only company that manufactures Monopoly. Think about that for a minute.

@RickAaron: I would be a workaholic but I can't stand the taste of workahol.

@RickAaron: Open casket funeral? Remains to be seen.

@RickAaron: Whole Foods just notified me that I've won a "Lifetime Supply of Fresh Kale" which in my case is one kale.

@RickAaron: Currently binge watching old eclipses to get caught up for tomorrow.