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@RobinMcCauley : My friends asked me to go camping so I made of a list of the things I will need: 1. new friends

@RobinMcCauley: Can't stop thinking about really disturbing things today, like what if they had called him Illinois Jones.

@RobinMcCauley: AOL was hacked yesterday so watch out for spam email that looks like it came from 1995.

@RobinMcCauley: A new study says eating sugar will kill you and was conducted by the No Shit Sherlock Research Institute.

@RobinMcCauley: Being an adult is 99% wondering how you hurt your back.

@RobinMcCauley: I don't need anyone with a so-called degree "to" tell me I use quotes wrong.

@RobinMcCauley: A woman started choking in the line at Starbucks- it was so scary but thankfully someone opened another register.

@RobinMcCauley: I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH other people at you.