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@Robski_Boy : Went to see a psychic without an appointment and he wasn't expecting me ?

@Robski_Boy: As I mentally undress you my OCD kicks in and I mentally fold all your clothes.

@Robski_Boy: If I reach 700 followers, I'm gonna tweet naked for the next hour. Won't do much for you guys, but it'll certainly liven up Starbucks.

@Robski_Boy: Sold my wife on ebay. Dreading the buyer feedback.

@Robski_Boy: I speak 3 languages. Unfortunately no one else in the world speaks 2 of them.

@Robski_Boy: Spiritually, ever since I ate my first curry, I'll always be part Indian.

@Robski_Boy: I still get my 'drive-throughs' & 'drive-bys' mixed up. Which is the one where I have to take a gun?

@Robski_Boy: Sorry Siri, talking to machines is not for me. I still get tongue-tied at the drive-through.

@Robski_Boy: Might see you guys in 15-25yrs. Weekend with my folks & it's only a matter of time before I snap.

@Robski_Boy: Ladies. Even the most mundane chore is better in a Princess Leia costume.