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Page of SSDated's best tweets

@SSDated : Grad school is my excuse for everything. No text back? Grad school. Havent called in weeks? Grad school. I ate your last donut? Grad school!

@SSDated: If Kevin Bacon never said "want some bacon with your eggs" to a lonely chick in a bar, life just doesn't make sense anymore.

@SSDated: You're only as awkward as you say you are...out front of people...who were in a private conversation...that didn't involve you.

@SSDated: I told a boy I loved him once. We were 6. He punched my arm & stole my cake. Life lesson. Never lose sight of what's important. #Cake.

@SSDated: This guy in the elevator asked for my number so I wrote it on his arm. Apparently he meant which floor, so that was awkward.

@SSDated: Me: *crawls in window*

Him: What are you doing?!

Me: You're my boyfriend now?

Him: I'm calling the cops

Me: But you retweeted me??