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Page of SamGrittner's best tweets

@SamGrittner : Yesterday I wrote an email to a customer named Trish where I apologized profusely, took ownership of our mistakes, and explained we would do anything to correct the situation. I averted disaster two seconds before I sent it when I saw my typo in the first two words, “Dear Trash,”

@SamGrittner: I can relate to blenders because I also scream while I'm doing my job.

@SamGrittner: If my funeral is open casket my only request is that I have cucumber slices over my eyes.

@SamGrittner: DETECTIVE: Are you the new chalk outline guy?
ME: Yes I am
DETECTIVE: Stick to the bodies, no more thought bubbles with spaghetti inside them
ME: Eve-
DETECTIVE: Yes, even if they were thinking about spaghetti

@SamGrittner: "Your gun and your badge. And your gun. And your gun. And your gun. And your gun. And your gun. And your gun. And your gun." - Octopus Police Chief

@SamGrittner: JOSEPH AND MARY: We’ll stay in the manger, we don’t care
INN MANAGER: Fine. Just don’t make a scene

@SamGrittner: I asked my mom what she wanted today and she said "she just wanted me to be happy," so I'm on ecstasy petting a dolphin right now.

@SamGrittner: If you hold a gift card close enough to your ear you can hear the person who bought it saying, "this'll do"

@SamGrittner: Whenever someone's robbing my house, I pretend I'm robbing it too then I make off with as much of my stuff as possible.

@SamGrittner: Every horse you've ever seen has two people inside them. Horses aren't real. Commitment is.