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Page of TheCiscoKidder's best tweets

@TheCiscoKidder : Saw my wife watching the Food Network while I was making dinner, so I was like, "You can just watch me in the kitchen, no commercials!"

@TheCiscoKidder: A billion yahoo accounts got hacked, but the most surprising thing is that a billion people had yahoo accounts.

@TheCiscoKidder: Thinking about getting married? My wife got mad at me for doing all the yard work because we are in a fitbit step challenge together.

@TheCiscoKidder: I knew it was time to vacuum when the baby rolled over and looked like an everything bagel.

@TheCiscoKidder: After clipping my toddler's fingernails for over 2 years, I think I could diffuse a bomb while riding a roller coaster.

@TheCiscoKidder: I have no problem feeding my kid something that fell on the floor, so I get it, restaurant employees.

@TheCiscoKidder: If Donald Trump becomes president, we could finally out-crazy North Korea.

@TheCiscoKidder: The beauty of a text message is that it transcends time. You respond at your leisure. Unless it's from your wife, then you have 30 seconds.

@TheCiscoKidder: Mom: Some stranger keeps answering your land line.

Me: That's because I haven't had a land line in 7 years, Ma.

@TheCiscoKidder: 5 year old: Where does wind come from, daddy?

Me: It comes from people asking too many questions.