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@TheHatStore : me: this glass is too small bartender: would you prefer a tumbler me: yes acrobat: what can I get you

@TheHatStore: doctor: you want a note to get out of work?
me: please
doctor: [writing] you're... fired...

@TheHatStore: robber: empty the register now
me: sir this is a motel
robber: hurry up
me: ok *opens binder, starts erasing names*

@TheHatStore: doctor: *tearing from prescription pad* take two of these and come back next week

me: *chewing the paper* when do I get the second one

@TheHatStore: me: oooh is that a bowl of jelly beans on the table?

therapist: yes help yourself

me: [mouth already full of jelly beans] if I could do that I wouldn’t be here

@TheHatStore: [first day as a real estate agent]

me: as you can see this is a beautiful house

client: how many floors does it have

me: *scratching head* um a lot I think there’s one in every room

@TheHatStore: me: I forgot my line

movie director: I really regret bringing you on this fishing trip

@TheHatStore: [field sobriety test]

cop: stand with one foot off the ground and count 1001, 1002, and so on until I say stop

flamingo: oh hell yeah

@TheHatStore: dad: snapping a pic of your grandma in her coffin is weird
me: it’s socially acceptable these days
dad: just hurry up so we can put her back in the ground

@TheHatStore: me: [waking up in jail and seeing my cellmate is the kool-aid man] oh thank god I'm so thirsty