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Page of TheIronSherk's best tweets

@TheIronSherk : Judge: plz tell the court what happened

Victim: he attacked me with this! [holds up pasta strainer]

Judge: that doesn't hold any water

@TheIronSherk: If pigs could fly it would make this pig catapult that I just built completely obsolete.

@TheIronSherk: *pretty girl walks by and doesn't make eye contact*

She must be intimidated that I manage a fantasy football team that is 8-1

@TheIronSherk: Why is it called a "network of computers streaming Disney movies to cows" and not "Moo-LAN"

@TheIronSherk: Raspberry buy guitar
Raspberry take lessons
Raspberry answer ad
Raspberry show up at drummer's house
Raspberry plug in
Raspberry Jam

@TheIronSherk: Eating a block of cheese is probably the most delicious way to figure out it's time to get some groceries.

@TheIronSherk: Welcome to ghosts anonymous. Nice to see such a spirited turnout.

*all of the ghosts boo in unison*

@TheIronSherk: Working front desk at Motel 6 wasn't paying the bills so I started dealing meth to the housekeepers. It was an Inn side job.

@TheIronSherk: [Ouija board]

O spirits, let me talk to m-



What the heck?

A 3G board?

@TheIronSherk: You really shouldn't label sandwiches, I mean they have a right to exist in a world without labels and judgements just like everyone else.