Me: I’ve applied for Canadian citizenship

Him: You’ll be sorry

Me: I sure hope so


Mr. Miyagi: It’s simple Daniel san, wax on, wax off

Daniel: Yeah, but your back hair, bro?


Judge: Call your next witness

Prosecutor: The state calls Shakira’s hips

Judge: *whispering to bailiff* You don’t have to swear this one in


Me: Why do I even come to these meetings? You guys never listen to me

PTO President: For the last time, we are not going to call the crossing guard a human trafficker.


[proposing to my Karate gf]

Me: So, will you marry me?

Her: I’m not sure….

Me: Dojo breakin’ my heart, LOL

Her: Now I’m sure it’s a no.


Me: How could you do this?

Her: I just felt like you needed to know

Me: I’ve completely lost trust

Her: I know this is hard

Me: But wrestling? Fake? I’m devastated.


Who called it a “Monk that can dunk” instead of an “Air Friar?”


Me: *writhing sexily* So, you hot and bothered yet?

Wife: I’m definitely bothered


Me: You’re SURE you know how to cut hair?

Wife: I told you I watched a YouTube video