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@Tommytoughstuff : A guy hands me a lit doobie at a party. I panic and pretend to play it like a tiny trumpet.

@Tommytoughstuff: ME: (sitting by a roaring fire) Isn’t this romantic?

WIFE: Your crocs are melting.

@Tommytoughstuff: [plastic surgeon holds mirror up to my face]
ME: What happened!? I'm a monster!
DOCTOR: We had to postpone your surgery.

@Tommytoughstuff: [first day as a police sketch artist]
ME: I hope for your sake you were attacked by a stick figure.

@Tommytoughstuff: FBI AGENT: You’ll be put into witness protection
ME: Can I be someone that has friends?
FBI AGENT: No, it has to be believable.

@Tommytoughstuff: ME: (ordering for my date) What do you recommend for the lady?

@Tommytoughstuff: PRISON GUARD: (shines the spot light on me as I scale the fence) I can’t believe he hasn’t dropped his ice cream.

@Tommytoughstuff: ME: (petting a dog) He loves this.
DOG: (being pet) He loves this.

@Tommytoughstuff: ME: (peeing in the corner of the elevator)
GUY: We're not even stuck.