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Page of Travon's best tweets

@Travon : "Hey Hillary what color do you think this dre-- never mind" - Bill Clinton scrolling through Twitter last night

@Travon: The Queen is so afraid of how the vote will turn out, she put Sam Smith in a boat circling Scotland singing "Stay With Me" into a megaphone.

@Travon: Sunday is Easter, Hitler's birthday, the Columbine anniversary, and weed Christmas. Your move, greeting card section.

@Travon: Flight attendant: "will you perform exit row duties in the event of an emergency?"

Me: "yes"

In my head: "No we're all gonna die"

@Travon: I'm opening a restaurant called "It doesn't matter, whatever you want" since every girl alive wants guys to take them there.

@Travon: So sad America ranks 25th in the world in math. But at least we're still in the top 10.