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Page of TrueTorontoGirl's best tweets

@TrueTorontoGirl : Me: Throw in a few extra this time.
Pharmacist: We've talked about this.

@TrueTorontoGirl: [First date]
Him: What's your favorite dish?
Me: The one that holds the most food.

@TrueTorontoGirl: Employee: You know what's neat?
Me: Whiskey in a glass without ice?

@TrueTorontoGirl: Never end a tweet with a question mark. People will talk to you.

@TrueTorontoGirl: Brain: We've got lots to do today.
Body: You're on your own buddy.

@TrueTorontoGirl: Cop: Have you been drinking or are you on any drugs?
Me: Whoa, one question at a time, dude.