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Page of TuffyNyC's best tweets

@TuffyNyC : My cooking show would just be an hour of me looking for Tupperware lids.

@TuffyNyC: I wanna work for a company where if you pass the drug test you get fired.

@TuffyNyC: What's up with all these idiots on TV trying to talk to ghosts? I don't even wanna talk to the living.

@TuffyNyC: The next person who calls it an ATM Machine is getting sent to the ICU Unit.

@TuffyNyC: It's nice when my kitchen smells extra clean cause I used an entire bottle of Clorox to kill one ant.

@TuffyNyC: Girls on Facebook call it, "The Walk of Shame."

Girls on Twitter call it, "The Strut of Satisfaction"

@TuffyNyC: Ways To Win My Heart:
1) Be smoking hot
2) Be thin
3) Be a pig
4) Be bacon

@TuffyNyC: My ear is bleeding because I tried to shave it. Now I have to create some elaborate lie to tell ppl how I cut my ear.

@TuffyNyC: Kids, make sure you learn how to use a protractor in case one day you're a teacher & have to show kids how to use a protractor.

@TuffyNyC: Being popular on Facebook is like being the smartest kid in summer school.