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Page of TweetsByKaylee's best tweets

@TweetsByKaylee : him: what are you studying?

me: engineering

him: wow! what do you plan on doing with the degree?

me: *drying beer glass* probably this

@TweetsByKaylee: me, disguised as a lamb: *into earpiece* target is headed to school

spy hq: none suspect you, right?

me: roger

spy hq: keep her in sight


teacher: mary, does your lamb follow you everywhere you go?

me: i've been made

spy hq: abort mission! ABORT!! ABORT!!!

@TweetsByKaylee: cat: *plays fiddle*

cow: *jumps over moon*

dishes: *run away*

farmer: *sets down bong*

@TweetsByKaylee: writer: you know how cats chase mice?

producer: yea?

writer: this one has a twist

producer: *leaning back* go on

writer: the mouse outsmarts the cat

producer: *slamming hands on desk* preposterous!

writer: i call it tom & jerry

producer: *wiping tears* those are my names

@TweetsByKaylee: mom: why didn't you answer your phone?

me: i was driving

mom: where are you now?

me: walking the dog

mom: you need better excuses

me: it's the truth

mom: then put the dog on

me: he’s uh driving

@TweetsByKaylee: mike wazowski: *rubs lamp*

genie: *emerging* what's your first wish?

mike wazowski: i want revenge on pixar for giving me one eye

genie: *looks at the lamp*

lamp: *jumps on the pixar's i*

genie: i for an eye :)

@TweetsByKaylee: batman: who do I see about this ticket?

cop: oh, I wrote it

batman: who tickets the batmobile!?

cop: you were illegally parked

batman: I was fighting crime!

cop: rules are rules

batman: I WAS DOING YOUR JOB!!!!

cop: did you see I wrote "I'm sorry" with a little heart?

@TweetsByKaylee: [during prison riot]

cellmates: we're busting out. you coming?

me: *shakes magic 8 ball*

magic 8 ball: ask again later

me: shoot hang on

@TweetsByKaylee: [church fundraiser]

me: *takes out a $100*

priest: *eyes wide* bless you my child

me: aww thank you! do you have $99.50 in change?

@TweetsByKaylee: [god creating sharks]

angel: what is this?

god: *wearing ‘live every week like it’s shark week’ shirt* I just want this to make sense