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Page of YesThatAmy's best tweets

@YesThatAmy : Nobody in this grocery store thinks I'm a good bowler. Also, clean up in aisle four.

@YesThatAmy: This chick at Walgreens is totally hitting on me. What's your name? What's your address? Do you have any questions for the pharmacist?

@YesThatAmy: Sir, I cannot take you seriously. You're wearing capris. Capris. CAPRIS.

@YesThatAmy: If I did the math right, 8 of you are serial killers and 1,246 of you are eating Nutella.

@YesThatAmy: What did I do before Twitter? Well, there's my family and......OH MY GOD WHERE'S MY FAMILY?!?!

@YesThatAmy: Define "no more Twitter or I will leave you."