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Page of _davidlucas_'s best tweets

@_davidlucas_ : [IT guy on phone]

May I take control of your computer?

Me: *Closes two browsers with 10 Twitter tabs & 2 news sites*

Err... sure.

@_davidlucas_: I love to use my 6-foot wide umbrella at eye height on a crowded path.


@_davidlucas_: A book doesn't get jealous when you finish it and start another book.

@_davidlucas_: I was sad to have to throw my son out of home, but it was either him or the cat.

@_davidlucas_: I hate people who hold grudges, but not as much as I hate my high school German teacher.

@_davidlucas_: I enjoy long walks away from co-workers who say "Hey ya gotta watch this 10 minute YouTube video".

@_davidlucas_: The art of conversation, otherwise known as two or more people each awaiting their chance to interrupt.

@_davidlucas_: Thanks to Sesame Street, I grew up thinking that Americans had a particular problem with counting.