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Page of badbanana's best tweets

@badbanana : I've said it before. If Clifford was a Big Red Cat, everyone would be dead.

@badbanana: Reality show idea: "So You Think You Can Touch Mike Tyson's Nose." Hidden camera. Tyson isn't in on it.

@badbanana: Hundreds of creepy clowns terrorizing people across multiple states. On the bright side, they can all be picked up in one police car.

@badbanana: Since they won't vote anyway, Obama should make the GOP look bad by nominating a bald eagle holding a picture of Jesus to the Supreme Court.

@badbanana: Donald Trump says he'll open up secret 9/11 files. Miley Cyrus says she'll flee the country if Trump is elected. Connect the dots, people.

@badbanana: What does stormtrooper armor protect against, exactly? Knives?

@badbanana: I relate to #PizzaRat because if I found a slice of pizza as big as a car you can bet I'd try my best to take that thing home.

@badbanana: Fun game: Order food to be delivered to your mobile home and then lead the delivery driver on a high-speed chase through town.

@badbanana: When I want something a little healthier than an ice cream sandwich, I usually go for an ice cream salad.

@badbanana: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un got married. Proving there's someone for every un.