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Page of behindyourback's best tweets

@behindyourback : when I was 9 I thought anyone who preferred strawberry ice cream was weird and sad and now I love strawberry ice cream so I was right

@behindyourback: Your 30's mostly consist of getting excited when you find out a professional athlete is older than you.

@behindyourback: it's weird to me when people say their heroes are writers, actors or directors when there are people who say "well, goodnight" and go to bed in the middle of parties they're hosting

@behindyourback: we're a divided nation, conflicting on class, ideology, creed, and yet there is one thing we can come all together on, no matter what: younger brothers play Luigi

@behindyourback: a woman just ran through the coffeeshop yelling "HELP! I NEED A HIGHLIGHTER! HELP HELP I NEED A HIGHLIGHTER" and I want to trade problems with her

@behindyourback: If you suddenly stand up and shout "IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE" you can walk out of work and not come back and no one will even ask about it.

@behindyourback: *falls down a well*
*Lassie runs to the edge and peers down*

@behindyourback: *at my funeral*
Friend crying over my casket: look they're burying her in her favorite dress
Me, still dead: it haaasss pockets

@behindyourback: Now that he's back, Trump's tweeting again which begs the question, does the Pres of the United States not have an international data plan?

@behindyourback: even worse than arguing with a stupid person online is when an even stupider person joins in but they're on your side