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Page of brittwastaken's best tweets

@brittwastaken : If you didn't want to get bitten you shouldn't have looked at my cinnamon rolls

@brittwastaken: Me: ruin me for other men

*Two kids later*

Me: not like that

@brittwastaken: Based on my Netflix recommendations I'm either a serial killer or chef

@brittwastaken: 20s: Fear Of Missing Out

40s: Fear Of Being Included

@brittwastaken: How about Amazon starts using gargoyles for clothes models so I know what it will look like on me

@brittwastaken: I just tried on bathing suits and now I have to burn this fitting room down so it can never hurt anyone again

@brittwastaken: Me: *insecure"

Everyone: Don't be insecure. People hate that

Me: *insecure about being insecure*

@brittwastaken: There's only two ways to do things: the easy way or the way I'm actually going to end up doing it.

@brittwastaken: Me: this weed is shit

*Fifteen minutes later*

Me: I wonder what this window tastes like

@brittwastaken: I'm all about the sex, drugs and rock n' roll until about nine because that's cocoa time.