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Page of chagger73's best tweets

@chagger73 : I only watch Storage Wars to see if they find my ex's body.

Just kidding. I like the show.

And she's buried in the woods.

@chagger73: Understanding women isn't rocket science.

Rocket science has rules and boundaries.

@chagger73: Going down on a woman is the best.

The way her thighs cover your ears so you can finally get some quiet time...

@chagger73: It took me 4 attempts to type "my dignity".

Autocorrect kept changing it to "HAHAHAHAHAHA"

@chagger73: My ex told me I'd never find another woman like her. nnI don't think she was expecting the high 5 and happy dance I did right after.

@chagger73: I've been divorced so long I've almost forgotten how to clear a computer history.