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Page of chris_isloi's best tweets

@chris_isloi : Everyone keeps returning to the same hypothetical. If loving you is wrong...


What if loving you is gross? That's the question.

@chris_isloi: I wonder if anyone ever told Hitler "just be yourself".

@chris_isloi: Holy shit, remember rhymes with September. If no one thought about putting that in a song, I'm gonna be rich.

@chris_isloi: I'm going to subtly spread my brownie crums across your car because I silently resent you for changing the song.

@chris_isloi: The reason your car won't go over 60 in the city is because you haven't yelled "HOLD ON!" yet.

@chris_isloi: Whenever two people argue over something, yell out "OBJECTION" and then contradict the one wearing something you don't like.

@chris_isloi: So apparently "You can't tell me what to do, you're not my real dad!" isn't of much use when dealing with armed cops.

@chris_isloi: Whenever someone is about to tell me about their day, I just cover my ears and yell "SPOILER ALERT!"

@chris_isloi: When you give someone a present, unless you say "open it", they're legally not allowed to look inside.