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Page of chrissyteigen's best tweets

@chrissyteigen : Everyone should release their taxes because I cannot read them understand them anyhow

@chrissyteigen: the hamster has finally figured out her wheel. is it possible for her to exercise too much? should I take the wheel out sometimes? I’m worried she’s about to start a fitness instagram

@chrissyteigen: John won’t let me go to dinner in my towel even thought it is my favorite outfit

@chrissyteigen: Damn that is one huge cow. this is why I buy internet on flights. I almost saw that 6 hours after you guys did

@chrissyteigen: any doctors here? am I allowed to get a wax during my epidural? it's genius and there's a ton of time to kill anyhow

@chrissyteigen: you get to give way cheaper gifts when you have kids. literally just take a pile of garbage and write “love, [kid’s name]” and no one says anything

@chrissyteigen: If you are flying out of DC on virgin today, check under your seat for a very large mom bra. It's like a talk show giveaway!

@chrissyteigen: I don't like charging my phone on the plane because a large part of me feels like I am sucking energy and power from the engine