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Page of clichedout's best tweets

@clichedout : HER: I love the movie The Shining

ME: [trying to impress] same

HER: what's ur favorite part

ME: [sweating] when it starts to shine

@clichedout: [1st time doing the sex]

her: wanna get on top

me: uh, sure


me: [from the roof] are u...are u coming up

@clichedout: me: I have a phobia of very large numbers

therapist: I can help u

me: thanks a twelve

@clichedout: me: dinosaurs can't jump

her: how do u know

me: they're all dead Linda

@clichedout: [inventing napkin dispensers]

bob: it has 2 settings

exec: ok

bob: 1 at a time

exec: ok

bob: or 37 at a time

exec: first of all I love it

@clichedout: friend: how do u meet girls

me: I find the hottest grandma at the nursing home


me: I wait for her granddaughter to visit

friend: haha clever

me: then ask if her grandma is single

@clichedout: her: does an apple a day really keep the doctor away

me: *flicks cigarette butt* u ever seen a horse at the ER Karen

@clichedout: Welcome to backhanded compliment club, it's so nice meeting people who don't care how they look

@clichedout: her: what's up

me: i'm in my car driving

her: cool where

me: in the front seat

her: no like what location

me: driver's side

@clichedout: me: *offering joint* wanna hit


me: nvm ur already high lol


scientist: first time we've seen a giraffe eat a human