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@daddydoubts : 2yo: daddy play with me! Me: okay!! 2yo: *points* sit right here. Me: okay. 2yo: NO DADDY DON’T SIT THERE! Me: okay. 2yo: DON’T SAY OKAY! Me: okayyyyyyy.

@daddydoubts: Toddlers are fun because every so often they‘ll agree with almost anything you say.

Me: we’re going out tonight okay?

Toddler: yeah.

Me: we’re gonna get into some trouble.

Toddler: yeah.

Me: start a revolution.

Toddler: yeah!

Me: Then we’ll go to bed.

Toddler: no.

@daddydoubts: Friend: Hey man I haven’t seen you since you had a baby. How’s parenthood?

Me: Up at dawn. Milk. Survive. Distract. Feed. Milk. Distract. Physical activity. Feed. Milk. Asleep at sundown.

Friend: Hahaha sounds like farming.

Me: That’s right. Parents are kid farmers.

@daddydoubts: When my wife and I argue it’s usually over something petty like “what are we going to watch tonight?” or “who’s that guy you were just having sex with?”

For the record Tom is just a friend.

@daddydoubts: Ketchup isn’t food.

-words to ruin a toddlers day

@daddydoubts: Me: Loving this juice cleanse.

Wife: That’s sangria.

@daddydoubts: Wife: Do you think something is wrong with our toddler?

Me: Yeah but to be fair I think something is wrong with EVERY toddler.

@daddydoubts: Here’s a list of all the things my toddler doesn’t fight me on:

@daddydoubts: Me: The whole “terrible two’s” thing is a myth.

Friend: That’s good to know.

Me: It’s actually much worse than that.

@daddydoubts: Them: you’re broke, you have to move apartments, you work a shitty job, and you’re balding.

Me: Thats cool. Everything will work out in the end.

Them: your child is skipping a nap today.