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Page of dmc1138's best tweets

@dmc1138 : My doctor wants me to take a stress test.

I should pass with flying colors. I've been studying for this my whole life.

@dmc1138: Friend: “Any plans this weekend?”

Me: “I’m going to Alcoholics Unanimous.”

Friend: “I think you mean ‘Anonymous’.”

Me: “Nope.”

@dmc1138: I once pushed a shopping cart 10 miles the other direction to avoid talking to someone I knew at the grocery store.

@dmc1138: If anyone needs some loose IKEA parts, let me know. Also, if you're ever at my apartment, I'd avoid sitting on or touching any of my furniture.

@dmc1138: Almost done with my screenplay about the end of the world, and only cats survive.

I call it "Apocalypse Meow".

@dmc1138: Me: "I updated the employee handbook like you asked."

Boss: "This is just a book with pics of everyone's hands."

Me: "Pretty cool, right?"

@dmc1138: I saw a sign that said FREE PUPPIES. I don’t know what crime they’re accused of, but I sure hope they get a fair trial.

@dmc1138: "How much to go into this haunted house?"

"Sir, this is the Church of Scientology."

"Ooh...Sounds scary! One ticket please!"

@dmc1138: I want what every guy wants: To be involved in a rooftop chase.

@dmc1138: Instructor: "Welcome to salsa class! Who's ready to learn how to dance?"

Me, hiding tortilla chips bag: "There's been a misunderstanding."