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Page of drayzze's best tweets

@drayzze : This motel air conditioner has seen some things...

@drayzze: Just passed by a restaurant named "Beer and Tacos"

So it appears that Heaven really is a place on Earth

@drayzze: Someone told me that coconut oil is great for sex...

So how much do I have to drink beforehand?

@drayzze: Random DM's:

"Hi" - *blocked*
"Hello" - *blocked*
"Hi" - *blocked*
"Hey there" - *blocked*
*nudes* - *blocked*
"I have free snacks" - "Well hello there, soulmate!"

@drayzze: Distance sucks

Unless you don't like each other

Then it's pretty okay

@drayzze: Is it ok to clothesline people on scooters going down busy sidewalk yet?

@drayzze: I'm not superstitious.

But if you're wearing a hockey mask and holding a machete I'll be bothered.


@drayzze: Hearing my own voice on recording makes me want to apologize to every single person I've ever talked to.