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@dreamthievin : New neighbor came over and said "I'm required by state law to introduce myself." Odd pickup line, but guess who has a date tonight, guys!

@dreamthievin: You: make yourself at home

Me: *throws all the broccoli in the trash*

@dreamthievin: Remember in your 20s when you sat upright to eat

@dreamthievin: {Jeopardy}
Question: What animal can jump higher than a schoolbus?
Me (lips right on mic): Schoolbuses can't jump, Alex.

@dreamthievin: Gynecologists in small towns spend a lot of time looking up old friends

@dreamthievin: Left a plaster cast of my mouth at the bakery so they know exactly how big to bake the cupcakes

@dreamthievin: One time I swallowed an entire box of Alphabits whole and the only thing I pooped out was the lyrics to a Nicki Minaj song

@dreamthievin: I need a guy who's cute charming smells good smells really good like cinnamon and sugar and flaky crust and actually I just need some pie

@dreamthievin: Replace his deodorant with a glue stick so he thinks of you every time he tries to raise his arm to put around the shoulders of another girl

@dreamthievin: "Ducklings are baby ducks," I say as I set the appetizer on the table. "Enjoy your dumplings, Ma'am."