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Page of duumb's best tweets

@duumb : commercial: 2 out of 3 people suffer from depression. talk to ur doctor today

me: [hurriedly phones doctor] hey do u suffer from depression

@duumb: [wheel of fortune]

me: id like to buy a vowel
pat: arent u a millenial
me: [sigh] id like to rent a vowel

@duumb: Prison Guard: *evil laugh* I'm going to do a cavity search.

Me, who has never had a cavity because I brush regularly: I look forward to it!

@duumb: Me: Dammit I'm not gonna let you die on my watch

Her: *chokes* It's too late

Me: *leans in close* Get off my watch. It's a Rolex.

@duumb: [remembering phone charger is in my pocket as I jump from empire state building]

omg this is gonna hurt

@duumb: [high school reunion]

me: u remember me skipping math class to see u
ex: aww yeah
me: [gets out pile of papers] now do my taxes

@duumb: me: [leans in for kiss]
robber: quickly but then money

@duumb: me: [teary eyed] if anything ever happened to you i would kill myself

her: ur kinda weird for a surgeon

@duumb: [kidnapper asking for ransom] pay by 6 pm or i start sending u his fingers

[gf trying to unlock my phone] can u start with his right thumb

@duumb: doctor: im afraid u only have a few minutes left to live

me: [sobs] oh my god are u sure

doctor: [pulls out gun] im totally sure