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Page of eric10F's best tweets

@eric10F : Opens a sperm bank that only accepts redheaded donors....

The Ginger Bred House.

@eric10F: "will you be paying with cash or credit?"
"Cash" *start playing "ring of fire" on my kazoo
*gets tackled by security*

@eric10F: Rappers are terrible with pets: the Baja Men let their dogs out, DMX never knows where his dogs are at, and Pitbull is awful.

@eric10F: You had me at "various dipping sauces"

@eric10F: My friends cat just ran across his banjo and was immediately sued by Mumford and Sons.

@eric10F: Tried to pick a booger off my phone screen. Ended up calling my mom, signing up for AOL and getting an online degree in refrigerator repair